Traffic offenses affect your driving record and demerit points can result in increases to your insurance premiums. After several traffic violations, you could be at risk of losing your license. Our attorneys are here to fight for you and get your traffic violation tickets reduced or dropped.

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Wisconsin Traffic Violations

If you are a resident of Wisconsin, you can only accumulate 12 points from traffic violations before your license is suspended for at least two months.

DUI or OWI offenses can have significant consequences to your ability to drive. This can include suspension of your drivers license, jail time, and the installation of an ignition interlock on your vehicle. The lawyers at Renée E. Mura, S.C. can analyze your case for potential defenses to reach a favorable outcome.

The following are examples of the demerit points accumulated for specific traffic violations:

It is not difficult to accumulate 12 or more points on the Wisconsin demerit point system. Have Renée E. Mura S.C. fighting for you, and avoid costly fines and expensive insurance premiums. Our tough and experienced attorneys will fight for lower fines, and reduced or eliminated points.

If you live in Illinois and received a traffic violation ticket while traveling in Wisconsin, contact our Law Firm to learn more about your options.