“From the moment I walked into their office, I felt relief. Their office is professional, courteous, and they made every effort to obtain the best outcome in my case. I returned several years after on a post-judgment issue and I received the same exceptional legal service and genuine care. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone needing help like I did. Very satisfied and grateful.”
– Karen H.

“I went to Renee Mura’s office seeking a family law attorney for my child removal process. I was directed to Jacqueline Hallac. Attorney Hallac is nothing but professional and extremely knowledgeable. She handled our case with compassion, care, and vigor. I was thoroughly satisfied with my experience.”
– Ugo D.

“I am a single father that was successful in getting placement from my son’s mother. I could not have done that without the Mura Law Office. Recommended.”
– Kyle

“I had the dream team, Jacqueline M. Hallac and Kelsey Johnson. Both of these lawyers were extremely professional, understanding, well prepared and honest. They fought for me at every turn. I would highly recommend these Attorney’s in any aspect of law they provide. BEST choice for you and your outcome.”
– Julie

“I am very happy with the representation I got from Mura Law Offices.  They were always quick to return emails and phone calls and kept me up to date with where my case was.  They were aggressive with the representation to keep the case out of Court.”
– Kyle

“Attorney Hallac was exceptional! She treated me with compassion, always gave me updates and realistic expectations for the next steps in my case.  She is always on top of her game and stands strong in the courtroom.  It was a pleasure to have her on my side and would choose her again in the future.”
– Anonymous

“I believe my attorney represented me to the level I requested.  In doing so, my concerns and questions were taken into account and thorough legal advice was offered.”
– David

“Absolutely the best experience in a completely awful situation. Kelsey was kind, compassionate and always prepared. Best there is. Recommend to everyone.”
– Loretta

“I received two traffic citations in Racine, WI. I knew I needed an attorney to help me in Court. I hired the law office of Renée E. Mura. Their representation resulted in a dismissal on one ticket and a non-moving violation on another. I was very happy with the firm and how they handled my case. I would return again if I needed any further legal services. Very satisfied!”
– Karissa

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