The divorce attorneys at Renée E. Mura, S.C. are highly skilled in Wisconsin divorce law and will make sure every procedural requirement is met, while also advocating for your best outcome, both financially and emotionally.

Knowledgeable Attorneys

The attorneys and staff at Renée E. Mura S.C. understand that divorce actions are challenging, both financially and emotionally. As such, a spouse seeking a divorce needs the best possible legal advice in the divorce proceedings. The smart, aggressive, and highly skilled attorneys at the law firm of Renée E. Mura, S.C. utilize their understanding of the law and the divorce process to assist their clients, and fight for the best interests of their client’s children. Our attorneys listen to your precise needs and are committed to helping you achieve your goals both in and out of court. When you have a high stress situation and a detail oriented process, you need a highly skilled attorney who is looking out for your best interests. Whether you are settling in mediation or your case goes to trial, our attorneys utilize their extensive experience in family law to get our clients results.

“No-Fault” Divorce

Wisconsin is a “no-fault” divorce state, meaning one spouse does not have to prove adultery, abandonment, or any other substantial fault by the other spouse to file for divorce. In other words, one party in a marriage can petition to end a marriage without having to provide evidence of any wrongdoing by the other party. The only ground for divorce in Wisconsin is that the marriage is irretrievably broken by one partner. As long as one spouse testifies under oath that the marriage is irretrievably broken, a divorce can be granted even if the other spouse does not agree. The issues of custody, placement, child support, maintenance, and property division will be determined by the specific facts in your case. Our team of divorce lawyers will listen to you and provide the best legal advice and representation that you need.

Our Dedication To Our Clients

The legal team at Renée E. Mura, S.C. is here to help you solve your problems, no matter how complex. Each of our attorneys and paralegals have the experience and dedication to help guide you from initial consultation to completion of your case with the best possible outcome.