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Kenosha Post Judgment Attorneys

Wisconsin Custody Modification Attorneys Will Help You Get Custody, Placement, Child Support and Maintenance Adjusted When the Original Judgment has Become Unfair

After your divorce has been finalized, a court has the ability to make post-judgment modifications. A post-judgment modification can make changes to child placement schedules, child support, child custody, spousal maintenance (also known as alimony), and dependency exemptions. If you feel judgments made during your divorce, or initial custody and placement orders, are no longer fair or are no longer in the best interests of your child(ren), our Racine and Kenosha post-judgment attorneys will evaluate your case and fight for the results you and your family need.

Family Law Attorneys Ensuring Post-Judgment Enforcement

If a party violates an order set forth by the court involving child support, spousal support, placement or custody, there are legal remedies that can be used to force compliance and ensure future compliance such as contempt of court. The experienced and aggressive Wisconsin custody modification attorneys at Renée E. Mura, S.C. know how to use the legal remedies available, and how to craft those remedies to best suit the needs of their clients.

For expert representation in your post-judgement modification case - in Kenosha, Racine, Walworth, Waukesha, and Milwaukee Counties – choose Renée E. Mura, S.C.

Contact our Racine and Kenosha post judgment attorneys if you believe your current orders need to be changed or if you need assistance enforcing court orders through contempt motions.
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