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When a business owner is a party in a divorce action, unique issues arise, including determining income available for support or maintenance, and valuing the business. When dealing with complex divorces involving business ownership, you need Racine and Kenosha divorce lawyers with the competence to effectively deal with the division of this very important and large asset. Whether you are the business owner or the spouse, the most significant issue for both parties’ attorneys is determining the value of the business. If the spouse owns an interest in a closely-held business, valuing the marital asset and determining the income available for support can be complicated. The family law lawyers’ extensive knowledge of business, finance, and taxes, enables them to skillfully address both the income and asset analysis that must be done in a divorce action. When necessary, the firm utilizes experts to ensure your business is valued correctly to ensure the best outcome at trial.

Divorcing (as) a Business Owner in Racine or Kenosha

No matter where you or your spouse live and do business, there are additional complexities that come with divorcing a person who owns a company. You need an attorney with the financial expertise to accurately calculate income to insulate you from the risk of your spouse hiding assets or laying claim to income you do not have. Renée E. Mura, S.C. will keep you informed and walk you through the entire process, protecting your rights and getting you the best possible outcome.

If you are a business owner, or the spouse of business owner getting a divorce, contact our Racine and Kenosha divorce lawyers for expert representation.
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