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Kenosha Criminal Defense Attorneys Practice Areas

Representing Clients with Felony or Misdemeanor Charges in Kenosha and Racine Counties

Kenosha Criminal Defense Attorneys

Drunk Driving

Wisconsin takes drunk driving very seriously. If you get charged with an OWI you could be facing large fines, jail time, revocation of your license, and the installation of an Ignition Interlock Device (IID). Renee E. Mura S.C. has Kenosha OWI attorneys who will fight to get your drunk driving charge reduced or dropped. Read More


The attorney you hire to represent you must have the skill set to defend you on a battery charge, as there can be implications on your future. Do not trust your future to an attorney who lacks the experience and commitment necessary to fight for you. Let our tough and skilled attorneys use their expertise to get the best outcome in your case. Read More 

Disorderly Conduct

The Wisconsin law defining disorderly conduct is broad. As such, it is essential that you have adequate legal representation to ensure that your charges were warranted. The experienced and aggressive attorneys at Renee E. Mura, S.C. will review the facts of your case and fight for you. Read More

Domestic Violence

Has someone filed a false domestic violence complaint against you, or did you make a grave mistake in the heat of the moment? Just because you did a bad thing does not mean you are a bad person. If you have been in this, or a similar situation, you need the Kenosha criminal defense attorneys from Renee E. Mura S.C. to help prove your innocence, or help you reconcile a bad situation.  Read More

Child Abuse 

Our Kenosha criminal law lawyers will build you a winning defense and aggressively fight for your freedom and relationship with your child. Whether your case involves an allegation of physical child abuse, emotional child abuse, sexual abuse of a child, or child neglect; we will utilize years of experience and expertise to protect you and your rights. Read More

Traffic Law

If you have received several traffic violation tickets, you could be at risk of losing your license. Our Kenosha traffic attorneys have the knowledge and expertise necessary to get your traffic violation tickets reduced or dropped. Read More

Restraining Orders

If you have been served with a Temporary Restraining Order, or TRO, the Kenosha criminal defense attorneys from Renee E. Mura S.C. will help you understand your options. If necessary, we will fight to keep your rights protected and your reputation intact. Read More

Contact the Kenosha criminal defense attorneys at Renee E. Mura S.C. for all of your criminal law and defense needs.